Know about memory foam:

Memory foam is the commercial name that is commonly used to define viscoelastic, a material with vicious and low resilience characteristics of polyurethane origin.

A mattress defined in memory foam is a mattress always composed of several layers (minimum two to rise).

A memory foam layer and at least one polyurethane foam commonly defined foamed with water.

In many cases, the layers are more than two up to even ten.

To date, there are no mattresses completely composed of memory foam, and in any case, they would also be ineffective in terms of performance.

How is a memory foam mattress made up?

Usually, the memory foam layer is on the surface in close contact with the body.

The foamed layers serve to create a suitable base for the mattress, as these are HR polyurethanes (high resilience), basically creating support for the base.

These layers of foam can be from one to ten, in my opinion beyond the two / three layers they become useful only for a commercial aspect.

Becoming insignificant in terms of thickness and do not serve to create specific characteristics of the mattress’s bearing capacity.

These only create a scenic effect in presentation.

It should also be borne in mind that these layers are joined together with a water-based glue which obviously reduces breathability, so ten layers also mean nine layers of water-based glue.

Why are there big price differences between one memory foam and another?

Saying a memory foam mattress means everything and nothing.

This is because the characteristics of the individual layers vary from memory foam to basic foam, the thicknesses vary, the densities vary, the portions vary and finally, but not in order of importance, the coverings that end the mattress vary.

Therefore, there are memory foam mattresses that cost 200 Dollars double and double mattresses that cost around 4000 Dollars.

A good memory mattress has the ability to adapt to body shapes. This makes the dream deeper and we feel more rested the next day. In addition, by minimizing the pressure the body suffers at some points, blood circulation also benefits.

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