The topper in memory to make the mattress always comfortable:

Our bed can not only be made of mattress, slatted frame, pillows and blankets. In fact, among the less known elements of the bed system, we find the topper in memory. In this article we will talk about this bed accessory, its usefulness and its technical features.

The topper: what is it? What is it for?

Topper, for etymology enthusiasts, in fact it consists of a slab of thermosensitive polyurethane foam that is placed directly above the mattress to improve comfort during rest. It usually has a thickness between 3 and 7 centimeters, and is equipped with elastic bands at the corners to fix it to the underlying mattress.

The topper in memory serves to improve the quality of our rest on the mattress when we sleep, to make it softer or more rigid, usually. However, the topper can also be used in case of other needs: when the mattress gets old due to use or when our needs for rest change.

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This product was designed to be used for a certain period, to then be removed, resuming the use of the mattress normally.

The choice of the topper:

We have shown what a topper is and what it is used for; however, like mattresses, there are hundreds of products on the market, so how do you choose? The best advice is that its use has been suggested by a technician. In fact, sometimes we happen to buy a mattress that is not comfortable and comfortable for us.

In this case, better to contact the manufacturer or seller to ask how we can sleep better, without having to change the mattress. Then he himself will suggest that we use a memory foam topper; after we have explained to him the problem we have in detail.

Addressing where the mattress was purchased is always preferable, as the staff already knows the technical characteristics of the product, so by becoming aware of any problems, it may advise (or not) the use of a memory topper.